Microsoft and Facebook are laying 6000km cable atlantic ocean


Microsoft and Facebook are laying 6000km cable

Microsoft and Facebook from one side to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean within 6,600 kilometers of cabling and art have joined hands in order to meet the demand for high-speed Internet. After the completion of these projects and both firms will be able to provide dependable speed cloud and online services.

The company said in a statement that 6,600 km long and 160 Tibeepis Maaria cable containing a pair of eight fibers providing an initial capacity will be speed. The cable laying work will start in August 2016 and it is expected to be completed in October 2017.

Microsoft Corp. According to General Manager Christine Belaid. “The world is rapidly moving towards a future based on cloud computing. Microsoft to meet the demands of current and future cloud computing will continue to invest in infrastructure. More than 200 cloud services will be provided under which Bing, Office 265, Skype, Xbox Live and Microsoft Azure platform are key.”

The sea cable system of a new telecommunications company Telefonica Telesis new company will operate and control, which will connect southern Europe to the United States for the first time. This cable northern Virginia Bilbao, Spain and Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia will connect the network hub. Telesis will operate the system and the potential sale of the bulk infrastructure business plans.

Facebook’s vice president of network engineering Najam Ahmed said the good momentum of the company to its customers around the world of the Internet and the company is committed to providing for an experience.

We provide the best possible connectivity to the new technology and systems are always evaluating. Telesis with Microsoft and we have joined hands for the best hardware and software that ultimately will increase the speed of innovation.”