The Five World’s Fastest Bowlers in History

World’s Fastest Bowlers

Cricket is the third most watched real group activity in the behind Football and Rugby and cricket is getting it done when a quick bowler running in at full speed and threatening batsmen. We investigate a portion of the quickest bowlers in the history of cricket.

With today innovation it’s a lot less demanding and exact to quantify pace of bowlers as there are velocity weapons planted around the ground which gauge the pace of ball when it leaves the hand of the bowler. An instrument called “Radar Gun” which comprise of transmitter and beneficiary uses a radio wave to catch velocity of cricket bowl the minute it leaves bowlers hand.

So who are the main 10 quickest bowlers in the history of cricket? Well just in late 90’s another more exact radar weapon framework began recording rocking the bowling alley velocity and its difficult to contrast speeds and prior times. Be that as it may, we investigate 10 of the speediest bowlers on the planet who’s velocity was authoritatively acknowledged in ICC perceived matches.

#1. SHOAIB AKHTAR (161.3 km/hr)

Shoiab Akhtar

There are speediest bowlers and then there is Shoaib Akhtar, he consistently amazed 150 km/h in his vocation but a short one and achieved a world record speed amid World Cup 2003 against England when he delivered a 161.3 km/h to England knick Knight. He turns into the principal bowler to achieve a rate of 100 miles an hour in authority ICC match.

#2. BRETT LEE (161.1 km/hr)


Australian quick bowler Brett Lee was at the top of his forces amid his vocation and he threatened batsman everywhere throughout the cricketing scene coming to more than 150 km/h reliably. He turned into the second bowler in history to record 100 miles for every rate amid 2005 ODI diversion against New Zealand when he recorded 161.1 km/h (100.1 miles/ph).

BRETT LEE - 2nd World's Fastest Bowlers
BRETT LEE – 2nd World’s Fastest Bowlers

#3. Shaun Tait (161.1 km/hr)


Another Australia name in the rundown is Shaun Tait, whos profession was fleeting, however, was fun while it endured. He was not your normal tall bowler with conventional round arm rocking the bowling alley activity, however, he could truly hit the deck hard with his pacy and skiddy knocking down some pins line and length. He recorded 160.7 km/h knocking down some pins speed against Pakistan in the ODI diversion in Australia.

Shaun Tait - 3rd World's Fastest Bowlers
Shaun Tait – 3rd World’s Fastest Bowlers

#4. JEFFREY THOMPSON(160.6 km/hr)

Presently this can be disputable in light of the fact that it’s difficult to accept there was a sufficiently exact instrument to record rocking the bowling alley speeds in 1976 yet he was certainly the speediest bowlers of his time. Clearly, he recorded the quickest rocking the bowling alley speed in world cricket of 160.6 km/h in the nets in 1976 when a quick playing study was led.

JEFFREY THOMPSON - 4th World's Fastest Bowlers
JEFFREY THOMPSON – 4th World’s Fastest Bowlers

#5. ANDY ROBERTS(159.5 km/hr)


West Indies bowler in the brilliant era of West Indies cricket Andy Roberts was a piece of a considerable West Indies knocking down some pins units. They were all quick yet Andy Roberts emerged with his velocity and numerous batsman of his era respect him one of the speediest they have ever confronted. His quickest bowl is recorded at the pace of 159.5 km/h which 99.11 miles/h.