Once again bang victory of Brock Lesnar at UFC


Once again bang victory of Brock Lesnar at UFC

Four-time World Heavyweight Champion (WWE) Brock Lesnar had retired from mixed martial arts (MMA). But After five years Brock Lesnar  came back in the UFC  and achieved a bang victory. WWE star Lesnar Ultimate Fighting Championship -200 (UFC) in the first round 6-3 win over Mark Hunt. After winning the last Saturday  fight Lesnar got Rs 16 crore. In Profesional boxing, Lesnar fought a 9 fight in which he has won 6 fight. In 2011 after a fight with Alistair Overeem at hat time  he had faced the defeat from Alistair Overeem. Now he stepped again in professional boxing. In the UFC  Lesnar is very famous for brutal fighting.

IN WWE career has won more than 30 titles. Almost 5 years after his return to UFC Lesnar victory was worth watching. the former diva champion and his wife Sable also participated in his celebration. 38-year-old Lesnar kisses her wife in the ring and celebrated.

Brock MMA career flopped as compare to WWE. He loses three fight, a wrestler in the WWE is included in the list, which is not easy to beat. In the event tag when he entered the ring, all wrestler in the ring were a runaway.