World’s strongest kids who made world record

Worlds strongest kids who made world record
Worlds strongest kids who made world record

World’s strongest kids who made world record

World’s strongest kids Well, children are gentle and innocent, but some children in the world, in the cases of strength  can compete adults. To see their strengths all are surprised. In a very less age, he made a world record .

Richard SandrakRichard Sandrak

Richard Sandrak is known as the Little Hercules. Just 8 years of age Richard are known to make a tremendous body. Ukraine-born American bodybuilder  Richard is an actor and  martial artist and he is also known as the world’s most powerful child.

Giuliano Claudiu StroeGiuliano Claudiu Stroe

Giuliano Claudiu Stroe Romanian gymnasts and bodybuilder.His name is also recorded in the Guinness Book.  On an Italian TV show, Stroe  has performed a stunt in front of audiences  and to perform a stunt in front of thousand people he became popular on the internet.

Yang Jinlong

Yang Jinlong

Yang Jinlong is called a small ‘powerhouse’. 7 years in Young Jilong is strong enough that he could pull a car up. He is very powerful. He takes his father as someone who is picking up the toys.

Naomi KutinNaomi Kutin

Naomi Kutin is known by the name of Super Girl. In the age of 8 years old his name record of powerlifting.  at the age of the 10 years, their name is a record of  219lbs powerlifting.

Varvara Akulova Varvara Akulova

Russian Girl Varvara Akulova daughter of a circus performer. In 2006, four times its weight of 300 kg, about 48 stone lifting record Which is also included in the Guinness Book.

Maryana Aleksandrovna NaumovaMaryana Aleksandrovna Naumova

Russian girl Marianna looking lovingly at the age of 15, she had won numerous weightlifting competition and is also the winner of 375kg in weight lifting.More than 15 world records in his name. His name is a title of ‘Master of Russia International Class.

CJ SenterC.J. Senter

Just 12 years old CJ America’s small fitness center teacher. CJ Love the exercises. CJ had become a Justine Bieber, the fitness expert.

Jake SchellenschlageJake Schellenschlage

Jack are doing bodybuilding since when he was just 11 years and then Jack began to take the game seriously. Jack maintains a strict routine of 4 years when Jack was just 11 years  he did 175 lbs of weight lifting and now his goal  is at 400lbs.