Women came from a car in sanctuary tiger attacked him

Women came from a car in sanctuary tiger attacked himWomen came from a car in sanctuary tiger attacked him

Wildlife Park of Beijing with a shocking incident happened in which a woman lost their lives, while another woman was seriously injured. Car taking four-person in the sanctuary and suddenly stopped one girl came down from the car and go another side of the car then suddenly from behind tiger attacked him. Tiger took him to pull away.

Let us tell you that this woman was so seriously injured but survived. This traumatic incident happened in the capital of china’s Beijing wildlife park. On the boards have been told every way lock the car well and do not come outside from a car but the family did not.

In CCTV footage of the sanctuary incident, one part is capture. When the tiger attacked the girl and took her by pulling then the women and men out of the car to save her and ran towards  where the tiger had taken the  companion woman.

According to Chinese media, four people were passing sanctuary including one child than between two people were in a sharp argument. Meanwhile, the woman had moved from the car. As soon as the woman on the other side of the car and opened the door, the tiger attacked him, by pulling him away.

The other women and men came out from the car to protect him. Then  the other tiger attacked the second woman and killed him. The child is safe in attack and the first woman is being treated in hospital.