U.S Postal service releases a Beautiful forever Diwali Stamp

US Diwali Stamp

US Diwali StampU.S Postal service releases a Beautiful forever Diwali Stamp

Indian-Americans and seven-year-long efforts of influential US lawmakers the US will issue a Diwali Stamp on this Diwali. This Diwali, the decision to issue a commemorative stamp has been welcomed by the Indian American community. The commemorative stamp will be formally unveiled in October.

In this stamp the glowing gold background and the picture will have of traditional burning Diya and Forever USA 2016 will be written,

Members of Congress from New York Carolyn Meloni said US Postal Service (USPS) will issue the stamp in November to the honor Diwali Festival of light .

Sally Anderson Bruce of USPS (Connect ticket) took a picture of  “Diya” and Greg Breeding of  Virginia with William of  Washington had designed a ticket. Gicker was the project art director .

Meloni said yesterday ticket on the Diwali is the result of hard work of many years. She expressed regret that many of the Indian-Americans and world’s For millions of the world important spiritual and cultural festival of Diwali, despite not yet had any of her own commemorative stamps.