The world powerful men daughter working in Resturant

Sasha Obama working in resturantThe world powerful men daughter working in Resturant

The world powerful men US President Barack Obama’s daughters, Malia and Sasha are always in the eye of the media. They also are trying to keep away from the news but at the moment Obama’s daughter Sasha are in the spotlight because of the worth-a-compliment.

Obama’s daughter younger daughter Sasha during the summer is working in a restaurant. In this restaurant, her work is handled cash register and a help of prepare lunch.On social media getting viral photos Sasha  is seeing wearing a T-shirt and cap of the restaurant.The world powerful men daughter working in Resturant

According to reports, the 6 Secret Service agents stay with Sasha. She works in a restaurant of 4-hour shifts. According to reports this restaurant is the favorite restaurant of Obama family’s. The owner of the restaurant is a good friend of  Obama

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have a very normal upbringing of their daughters. According to BBC reports, his elder daughter Malia also did two internships on film sets. Let me tell you obama and his family live a very normal life.