Technology is growing day by day now Pizza ATM is coming

Pizza ATM

Pizza ATMTechnology is growing day by day now Pizza ATM is coming

A good news for pizza lovers. In America ‘Pizza ATM is going to be introduced. Through which the people can enjoy their favorite pizza. The first of its kind ‘pizza ATM Xavier  has been planted in University campus in Ohio. According to media reports, In this ATM facility has been provided to keep 12-inch pizza.

Interestingly, the machine within three minutes of placing the order that you will submit fresh and hot pizza.  Subsequently, the ATM keeps him in the oven, then cut off and the piece is packed in a cardboard box and then it comes out of the machine, after which you can take it .People using the machine’s touch screen can order their favorite pizza. This ATM will start from 10 August. In this ATM has been imposed in temperature optimized refrigeration system.

“In this ATM have been given facility credit and debit card payments. A pizza will cost around the US $ 10.