SRK detained at airport once again this time he caught Pokemon

The US State Department has expressed regret over the matterSRK detained at airport once again this time he caught Pokemon

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan at the airport in Los Angeles, US immigration officials took into custody for questioning. SRK tweeted, “There is security in the world, the way, I fully understand and respect him but each time detained in immigration to the US is extremely disturbing.”However, the US State Department expressed regret about SRK stop for questioning. US Ambassador of India Richard Verma has apologized to Shahrukh.


Richard tweeted: “Sorry for the trouble Shahrukh, we are working in this direction, so that further avoid this kind of trouble, Your work is an inspiration to millions of people, including Americans .After Richard Verma tweeted Shahrukh tweeted them to reply.  Shahrukh tweeted,  they respect the protocol and they are not above.He was just a little irritated.  Shahrukh thanked Richard for expressed concern.  Moreover, Shah Rukh tweeted  to Nisha Biswal  and said  thanks .




This is not the first time when SRK was taken into custody at the airport. In 2012 at the New York airport  immigration officials  detained Shahrukh  for two hours. Then US Customs and Border Protection officers expressed ‘deeply’ regret. New Jersey in 2009. SRK was taken into custody at Newark Liberty International Airport.