Social site Orkut will soon return by Google “Hello”

Social site Orkut will soon return by Google "Hello"Social site Orkut will soon return by Google “Hello”

You have to remember Google’s most popular Social site Orkut. This was the first name of Social networking On which people created their account and many people connected to it. It would not be wrong to say that at that time  people was the only social networking site.

Orkut was launched in 2004 It makes its popularity among the people but due to not much success on September 30, 2014, has been closed. Now the news is that it is being relaunched. Yes, you read right. But this time, it name would be ‘’ .Orkut was named on the Google Employee Orkut Buyukkokten. After the re-launch, Orkut would be known

The employee himself on informed by written message in English, Turkish, French, Spanish. He wrote welcome people  to used Hello, will be introduced as an app. Currently,  is being launched for Apple and Android users.

But now it will not be launched in India. ‘Hello’ relaunch programmer said this would be first social networking platform which would be based on love not like. Hello, will connect people which will share their feelings with each other.

Like Speak Hello in any language,  people will come to understand. After “ok” word  “Hello” is the world’s most spoken word. Let’s Make new friends and connect with this beautiful world.

Orkut and Facebook launched the same year  but in the fast-growing competition Facebook overtook Orkut as compare to Other social networking platform Orkut craze was declining.

Then Google decided to shut it down. Google said in a post in the last 10 years, YouTube, Blogger and Google Plus made their way into every corner of the world and the gradual decrease users who have been active on Orkut.