Once again film has been leaked on torrent this time Radhika Apte “Parched”

Radhika Apte Parched has been leaked

Radhika Apte Parched has been leakedOnce again film has been leaked on torrent Now Radhika Apte “Parched”

Whenever a film of Radhika Apte is coming it has to take special care Something that belongs to them are not going to be a photo or video leaked because whenever her film is coming sometimes her pictures are leaked and a hot video of a short film becomes leaked.

Coming soon her film is going to release in India “Parched”  but a few day ago some hot pictures went viral on the Internet from these pictures.

Now that the entire film was leaked on torrents and it is an uncensored copy because of the Radhika Apte hot scenes are being talked about Because whose pictures give with torrent in those Radhika is topless.

In India, the release date of the film has not yet been decided the film still had to go to the sensor. The film is directed by Leena Yadav and produced by Ajay Devgan.

Earlier on Torrent Great Grand Masti, Dasaratha Manjhi and Udta Punjab like film have been released. The film ‘Parched’ has been released on Netflix.