Now video calling will be even easier Google launched Duo

Google Duo

Google DuoNow video calling will be even easier Google launched Duo

Search engine Google is introduced Video Calling App Google Duo For Android and iOS users. In the market it competition will from Apple’s FaceTime and Microsoft’s  Skype. Google announced this video calling app in his I/o developer conference.

The goal behind it is to reduce the problems of video calling. Amit Phule Google group product manager said in a statement that video calling is the second best thing. We designed an interface which is very easy and simple.

For countries like India, it is designed keeping in mind the conditions Network connectivity. We hope that the video calling experience, we can create more private. Duo “has started today. It will be fully available in the next few days. In terms of privacy and security is designed encrypted. Like

Like google Allo app this app also works from mobile number. This app is by far the fast and simple mobile video calling app can be considered. According to the company’s 1-to-1 video calling app will work as ordinary calls.

Its user interface is quite easy. It will open as soon as you can open the camera and your video will look. Here you will a call button by clicking there you can call anyone. The uniqueness of this app is that it, like other video calling apps you will not need to make log in account.

It will work via the phone number. You will be surprised after knowing that this app is only 5MB. Typically, there are no other video calling apps less than 20MB. In the coming days it will be available to all. Option is available now on Google Play Store download.