More than 18000 feet height Luke Aikins jump without parachute

Luke AikinsMore than 18000 feet height Luke Aikins jump without parachute

The 42-year-old Luke Luke Aikins without a skydiver parachutes jumped from an altitude of 18 thousand feet and came down on the net has made history. He became the first person to do so. Luke Aikins jumping from a height of 18 thousand feet, and two minutes after falling down the outskirts of Simi Valley, engaged in the fields of Big Sky Movie giant landed on the net.

After successfully completing this feat by Luke cheer people who was present there at the moment was greeted by clapping. Luke immediately came out of the net and hugged his wife Monica. Monica with her four-year-old son Logan breath holding it with other family members was looking dangerous Skydiving.

By filling in the arms of his wife and his son Luke said, “I was almost floating in the air, he was amazing. He said, ‘It is only now Skydiving. There are no words out of my mouth. He thanked his team of more than 10 members.

Luke has revealed that during the boarding plane the Screen Actors Guild have ordered them to wear a parachute to safety. He jumped without the parachute along with three other Sky Divers. The three other sky driver was wearing a parachute. One of them has a camera, while the other was left smoke. so that people could know where are falling Luke on the ground. Luke admitted he was so nervous before jumping.