Melania Trump has stolen Michelle Obama’s speech!!

Melania Trump has stolen Michelle Obama's speech!!
Melania Trump has stolen Michelle Obama's speech!!

Melania Trump has stolen Michelle Obama's speech!!Melania Trump has stolen Michelle Obama’s speech!!

Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump is accused of stealing degree at the 2008 Democratic Convention speech given by Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama. After that, Melania is  clarified to this.

Melania told NBC’s Today show that she himself wrote most of the speech. when Asked  she had practiced the speech, she said to show host Matt Laur, “I had read once, that’s all. I wrote it them with a little help.” Monday night, the first day of the Republican Convention Melania two paragraphs of the speech meets the speech by Michelle Obama.

CN said that before the Republican Convention Milania to give the speech at the Convention she has been working with her speech writers from five to six week. In the speech, She talked Develop values of hard work to put in their children.

which largely comes from Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008. According to Reports, Donald Trump has not responded to the allegations and she praised his wife’s remarks on Twitter.

US presidential Republican candidate Donald trump  is leading the race,  Donald Trump wife Melania Trump’s is in headlines from a few months for bold pictures. Melania Trump had a former supermodel of Slovenian. Donald Trump  is also a great businessman of US. Trump’s farmhouse and property exist in many cities.

Melania Trump Hot pictures

Melania married to Donald trump at the age of 45 and that time she was 24 years younger from Donald Trump. Melania told a magazine that she likes Donald Trump great mind. Recently media asked to Melania trump what are they seeing to attract she had given no answer.

  • Melania Trump Hot Pics
    Melania Trump Hot Pics

If Donald Trump wins the presidential election it will be a huge achievement for Melania. Melania was born in Eastern Europe and in the US met Donald during modeling. In this photo of Melania US media headlines these days.