How baby elephant wept over the death of his mother

Mother dead of elephant childHow baby elephant wept over the death of his mother

The mother is the mother. Whether it be human or animal. Children’s attachment to the mother can not express in words, but  today we are going to show the video you the visual tears will not stop flowing.

 This video is  of 2 years  child elephant, which repeatedly trying to raise his dead mother. He tries with her trunk and Sometimes he wants to raise him up on the mother. But his  mother never hears a painful cry of their baby.

Seeing his dead mother the 2-year-old child repeatedly tries to raise him.The 2-year-old elephant child trying to raise him but mother do not wake up.Forest officials hardly removed the child from her dead mother.

Videos of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, where 25-year the elephant dies from the disease after which her 2-year-old baby has shaken him to her mother.