Govinda’s family arrived at The Kapil Sharma Show


Govinda’s family arrived at The Kapil Sharma Show

 The good news for fans is that soon your favorite comedy show “The Kapil Sharma Show”, which appears in the Govinda. And even more pleased to be the thing in the show Govinda will not alone and rather his wife Sunita Ahuja and Tina Ahuja daughter will also come.

Meanwhile, the hot news is that Govinda went to Kapil Sharma show but he did not go to his nephew Krishna show. Because of this Krishna is angry with him. The reasons behinds being told Krishna often appears on his show saying that his uncle kept alive the name of Govinda. However,  Govinda not likes it.Govinda in the kapil sharma show

Govinda had said many times that this is not a joke at this point to Krishna. But where Krishna listen to anyone.  That’s why Govinda arrived Kapil Sharma’s show.

Krishna was looking so bad. Krishna says Kapil Govinda should have thought twice before going to the show.

Govinda special episode will be broadcast this Sunday on Sony Entertainment Television. Govinda has shot episodes this particular Wednesday. The 52-year-old the actor said of his private life and many things in the way of becoming and talk about the challenges.