For hobby these girls turned to real life mermaid

Jessica Bell - (r) & Amelia (Perth Mermaids/PA Real Life)

For hobby these girls turned to real life mermaid

A resident of Australia for the hobby of two girls in real life, their hobby became a mermaid! since childhood Jessica Bell and Amelia Lasseter was big influenced from Disney Channel in real life also they wanted to be the princess of the water.

Jessica says that: “We love the sea, so we have chosen such a life. But it is hard to find out same hobbies people. In this case, I was lucky that my best friend hobby also matched with my hobbies. When we are swimming in a sea kids  believe we are  really a mermaid.

Both these friends made from silicon of Rs 1 lakh has got the fishtail. Both friends swim with sharks and the turtles in the sea . The two friends met in 2008, Edith Cowan University, where they were studying Arts and visual photography.Mermaid Pair3

She says, “When I was little, my mother used to take me to the sea and I was always playing with water. I was on a trip to the aquarium every week ‘.

Jessica says that during studies her interest began in photography underwater. In 2011, Amelia was selected to a nearby beach photo shoot in which he was to become the mermaid.  Selector was so impressed by Amelia that she always chose the photoshoot as the Mermaid. Now Mermaid pair performs at birthday parties, teaches children how to swim.