Fever of Pokemon Go has a shadow on worldwide


Fever of Pokemon Go has a shadow on worldwide

Pokemon is an international sensation, which started was 20 years ago in 1995. This video game has been work for the inspiration of many comic books, movies, and television series. If you have never played this game, you can identify it from cute monsters.  Pokemon Go is the latest game of this series. This is the first game for a smartphone that was developed in Niantic Labs. The company had earlier made a similar game Ingress was not more successful. By through Pokemon Go company acquired the hit formula.

11 Interesting Fact associated with Pokemon Go

(1.)  Pokemon Go is a smartphone game which is based on the classic Nintendo Pokemon games.

(2.) It is available for Android and iOS platforms. It still has not been officially launched in India. If you have                        Android phones, you can download it easily.

(3.) In this game, using the phone’s camera caught furry monsters (Pokemon) can get Point.

(4.) You can give  the training this Pokemon and can be used in the Battle of Jims.

(5.) The game has not even been released yet a week and Pokemon Go has been more popular than Tinder.

(6.) To achieve Pokemon you have to walk in the real world to fight in Jims. Whenever you run and turn, your                      character in the game and will also run and turn.

(7.) To play this game people are out of their homes. Strange stories have come out very soon. A  Pokemon player             was found the bodies.

(8.) In Pokemon Go ‘the virtual world and the real world has been mixed there by its thrill has increased so much.

(9.) In the new game, people are looking Pokemon around  in the real world. To find the Pokemon people are going            in cities of a dark corner.

(10.) If you choose this game for your iPhone this game an Acquires full access to your google account . It is too                      much for this.

(11.) The company has realized that it is wrong and in their next update company will fix this problem.

Play like this

Let’s create a character in the game and on the screen you will look around Pokemon. Throwing a Pokeball on Pokemon keep in mind that the ball landed on Pokemon.

On Each Pokemon, you will get points and your level will increase. After reaching level 5, you will become part of a team where you can join the fight Pokemon.