Cheapest country for Visit Hotel Rs 200 and food Rs 70


Cheapest country for Visit Hotel Rs 200 and food Rs 70Cheapest country for Visit Hotel Rs 200 and food Rs 70

If you are fond of visit, then this news will put wings to your hobby. Today we are going to tell you about some Cheapest countries Where your partner will be happy and your pockets will not empty too much. Because here you have to be  stay cheap, but you can also enjoy delicious cuisine cheaply. So let’s, Today  we offer visits such countries.

Top 7 Cheapest beautiful country for visit


When we hear the name of Thailand seems to be coming so we remember the party. Because it is extremely cheap as well as being beautiful. Here you will find room for up to Rs 250 and Rs 200 will be found in the food.


Nepal is mainly known for its natural beauty. Here you can enjoy  three-time meals just Rs 600 And then … Just for Rs 270  can also book a hotel room.


 You can visit this country for cheap food and Great shopping. Here you can be enjoyed Lbabdar Vietnamese dishes  in just 66 rupees  and you can also book a room at Rs 200.


For visit china, you will not increase your budget because here you will spend only 66 Rs for one destination to another destination.  Here you can enjoy the room at 300 Rs and food 150 Rs.


If you want to celebrate your holidays with natural beauty Indonesia is the perfect destination for you . The food and stay in budget. In Indonesia, only 67 rupees you can have dinner. Approximately 250 you can book a room in the hotel .


If you want to enjoy in cool  and magical place in this country, you can do fun with low budget  Here you are only Rs 500 and Rs 350 will get a meal. Here you will get a room at Rs 500 and Rs300.


Laos is Southeast Asian country. It is known for its beautiful mountains. Buddhist Monastery is here as well as many beautiful sights. Here you can get a room 700 to Rs 2000 for the night and street food can be enjoyed RS70 .