Best tips for emergency smartphone charging

Best tips for emergency smartphone charging

Best tips for emergency smartphone charging

Today the work of the smartphone is not limited to only a call or message . Instead of this Internet and the camera we can not ignore its importance. In such times of emergency to end mobile battery boosts your discomfort. And if you have no charger then. Let us show you the other options  when you have  no charger…

Solar Charger:Solar Charger

If you have a solar charger needs just sunlight. The sunlight you can charge your phone anywhere.

Hand Crank Charger:Hand Crank Charger

Hand crank charger turns your crank the energy charge, which means that your phone is charging if you can crank your phone can be charged.

Car charger:Car charger

If you have not a smartphone charger unless you can also use the car charger.

Power Bank:Battery backup

Power Bank is the best option of Battery Backup. There are many power bank is available on the market, which you  can be used home, shop or visit.