7 Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy In Monsoon’s

7 Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy In Monsoon’s : Are you bothered by hair loss? In the monsoon season, there is itching in the hair … ? Sticky hair always lived … ? If your answer is yes, then we are telling that some simple measures by adopting you can keep healthy hair in the monsoons.

7 Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy In Monsoon’s

Man taking a shower and washing his hair, rear view.

Keep shampoo daily – Keep clean scalp and for maintaining a healthy hair in this season Wash hair daily.Drink Water1

Drink Water – To prevent hair loss in Monsoon at least 8 to 12 glasses of water to drink daily. By this toxins will come out of the body . Because of this Toxin, cause hair tends to be weak.Oil Massage1

Oil Massage- In monsoon hair become rough, dry and Sticky and it is natural. Apply Oil massage before washing the hair. Less than 30 minutes Leave the oil on the hair.


Use Aloe vera- In Monsoon to protect hair from dandruff, use aloe vera. To maintain the pH balance massage on hair scalp with aloe vera gels. It will also your hair healthy.Avoid Junk Food1

Avoid Junk Food- Fried, junk foods, burgers, etc.. Instead especially in the monsoon you can eat soybean protein diet, eggs, low-fat cheese, beans, salmon fish, Eat yogurt.Eat Sprouts -1

Eat Sprouts – sprouted chickpeas, lentils, salads, raw vegetables to eat. This body potassium, iron and vitamin E deficiency, and hair will not weaken.Reduce Caffeine 1

Reduce Caffeine –Reduce the intake of caffeine. Instead of this drink milk, juice or herbal tea.

By adopting these 7 tips you can definitely say goodbye to hair fall.