10 Things to do to get out of Breakup Depression


Going through the phase of Breakup Depression, Not able to remove your ex from the memories, you should read this article and follow these 10 steps. This can work magically, hope this will happen in your case too.

First Step:-The first thing you have to do is to Take time and Give time to your self, As we all know memories don’t fade away in minutes. Alone time can feel you like the end of the world, so you should spend that time with your family members, friends, Playing games or watching movies. So that, your mind gets directed towards other things.


Second Step:- Break away completely, because there is no chance that you can be friend with the one whom you loved most. so, if you decided to break away then you should do it completely that means no calls, messages, mails, pop-ups.


Third Step:- Don’t act that you are very strong, You should share things with your Family and Friends so that they can help you to get out of this phase. If you want to cry, it works too!!!


Fourth Step:- Delete, take away and erase everything that reminds you of your past this includes Pictures, Messages, Videos. You shouldn’t delete it permanently because many times you may regret it later on.


Fifth Step:- Make books your best friend. Because they can be our friend, guider and philosopher, they can motivate and encourage our self always in positive and progressive way.


Sixth Step:- Try to keep your self busy in work and to focus completely on it. So that, your mind will not get diverted towards your past.


Seventh Step:- Respect people that are with you in your life. So, try to give importance and as much time they deserve.


Eighth Step:- You should accept that your dream Relationship is ended now. So, its time to move on now rather than wasting time in unusual thoughts.


Nineth Step:- You should take care of yourself, because there is nothing important than your life.


Last Step:- It is a new beginning of life, you can say that it is a transformation phase of life. you should also enjoy this phases and take out the positive things from it.