Top 5 Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus


If you going to upgrade your device with Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 plus and want an excuse to upgrade your old phone, then here we giving you 5 reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S8.

1. Design

The 1st reason to buy Samsung Galaxy S8 is it’s unique and stylish design. It looks like the design from the future, there is not another smartphone who going to beat it. S8 has very small bezels everywhere, means u get a huge screen relatively compact body. And if you think there is any disadvantage of 18:9 ratio of this screen. Then don’t worry Samsung already told to app developers for maintaining their app according to this ratio.

Reason to buy Samsung Galaxy S8 - Design
Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 – Design

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The second reason to buy Samsung Galaxy S8 is the processor and RAM.  There are many strong smartphones are present in the market already but Galaxy S8 have snapdragon 835 or the Samsung Exynos 8895. In benchmarks, these both are crazy fast and the galaxy s8 able to support GB LTE speed and there is also Bluetooth 5.0 inside which have longer range and carry way more data than the older version.


The third reason to but Samsung Galaxy s8 is desktop mode but it does require dex accessories. S8 with dex might be a great idea, this kind of things already attempt before. But Samsung has Microsoft and Dolby working on apps for optimizing.

Reason to Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 - DESKTOP MODE
Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 – DESKTOP MODE

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Having headphone jack and also giving AKG headphone out of the box which is great in itself. And it has IRS scanner to unlock the device and also it has C-Type USB which connect the device to all kind of things.

5. BIXBY –

Samsung is very excited about Bixby, even S8 has a dedicated button for Bixby. Samsung get the Bixby technology from same people who made Siri and Siri is a very successful personal assistance.

Samsung Galaxy s8 - BIXBY
Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 – BIXBY