Top 5 Reasons Not to Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus


Check out 5 reasons not to buy Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus. This definitely, changes your mind if you going to buy Samsung Galaxy S8. So here we start –


The First reason not to by Samsung galaxy s8 is fingerprinter scanner, the placement of fingerprint scanner is very weird. It’s not possible to reach fingerprint scanner for small hand person but you have IRS unlock and face detection lock. Sometimes it’s possible to get confused between fingerprint scanner and camera because is next to the rear camera.

Reasons Not to Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 - FINGERPRINT SCANNER
Reasons Not to Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 – FINGERPRINT SCANNER

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The second reason not to buy Samsung galaxy S8 is Bixby, Bixby isn’t ready at this time, Bixby is the new personal assistance which is introduced by Samsung in S8. It’s not a new feature, it’s already present on iPhone name is Siri which is already a very strong assistant. But Samsung said Bixby home vision and the remainder will be available at launch, however. The voice control is not ready on the device which shifts stores on 21 April.

Samsung Galaxy s8 - BIXBY
Reasons Not to Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 – BIXBY


And the third reason for not to buy Samsung S8 is Samsung Customize android. In all Samsung device, you will get Samsung’s customize android with many useless apps. If you are pure android lover then this device is not for you. And also if its a customize version of android then the updates could be the delay on your device.

Samsung Galaxy s8 SAMSUNG ANDROID
Reasons Not to Buy Samsung Galaxy S8-  SAMSUNG ANDROID

4. GLASS –

The fourth reason for not to buy Samsung galaxy S8 is glass body. This is not doubtful that Samsung S8 is stylish smartphone is ever made. Both S8 and S8 plus has infinity display and very thin bezels on top bottom and sides. But S8 is not able to handle drops as well as other smartphones. Maybe it looks solid but it made of glass body which is easily breakable.

Samsung Galaxy s8 Glass
Samsung Galaxy s8 Glass Design

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The fifth reason to not to buy Samsung galaxy S8 is paranoia. S8 is the first phone by Samsung after Note 7 blasts, in case somehow you did not know. Samsung has recalled Note 7 twice last year due to the not heating battery. But Samsung said they do new 8 point test to ensure the battery safety in new smartphones.