Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus VS LG G6

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus VS LG G6
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus VS LG G6

Here will going to compare Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus VS LG G6. This comparison is done in three section 1st Design, second hardware & software, third Camera. In last will tell you which phone is worth to buy and why, so let’s begin:-

Design –

These both smartphone has 18.9 aspect ratio which makes them taller and thinner as compare to other flagships. In LG G6 you get 5.7” QHD display, wherein Galaxy S8 plus you will get a big display with 6.4” QHD. These both smartphones have the same resolution but S8 & S8 plus have curved edge display which makes an immersive experience thanks to bezel-less display. Both have QHD display with the same resolution but still S8 Plus has a better display as compared to LG G6.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus VS LG G6 Design
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus VS LG G6 Design

These both are not come with QHD Display from out of the box, you actually need to make it by settings but it will impact on battery life.

In terms of build quality with are a premium in according to build quality, G6 falls a premium metallic build. On the other side, S8+ has a metallic body on sides and the front and back side of this smartphone are protected by Gorilla Glass 5, and G6 also has Gorilla Glass 5 and 3. These both are IP 68 certified which meaning they can 1.5 meters in water and also dust protected too.

But the bad points of these smartphones, these both are fingerprint magnet especially G6. It’s not possible to keep clean these smartphone. You need to clean them every single time after using.

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Software –

The G6 runs on Snapdragon 821 processor with 4GB of RAM it is a little bit dated with compared to the S8 plus. Because S8 Plus it’s running on Snapdragon 835 processor which is best at this time with 4GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus VS LG G6 Processor
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus VS LG G6 Processor

In day to day performance, you will not notice any difference. These both are fast and they take everything easily without any lack. These both has Android 7.0 with custom UI but G6 feels more familiar as compared to previous versions. And in S8 you get latest UI with a ton of customization which makes it easy to understand even for beginners. LG G6 has many things on it, many new apps which are not very useful in daily life.

Samsung has many better things in hardware and software like face and iris unlock, Hard home buttons, Curved edge display, it has Bixby which is right now not working and on another side, LG does not have that many things totally out from completion.

What LG G6 good has is its fingerprint scanner. Yes the fingerprint scanner of G6 is at a good position and very fast and on other side S8 plus fingerprint scanner has placed on a wired position. Which makes it very confusing between the camera and fingerprint scanner.

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In term of the camera, LG G6 has three cameras one on the front and two on the back. G6 has dual 13 MP primary shooter on the back and on the other hand Samsung 12 MP dual pixel primary sensor and on the front, it has an 8MP front facing the camera.

And in term of camera performance, G6 has the edge to Galaxy S8 plus thanks of dual 13 MP sensors. LG G6 camera is better in low light, color reproduction, wide angel, But does not mean Galaxy S8 plus has a bad camera, its a very great camera but LG G6 camera and comfortable make it like DSLR.

There is something wrong with Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus camera software, it making pictures like animation characters. Even with beauty mode turn off you will get very light and color washes out images. For us, LG G6 does a better job as compared to S8 plus by catching accurate colors and details.

Now, which device is better and worth to buy –

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the better device… why??? Will give you six strong point why it’s worth to buy over LG G6.

  1. Display – Display of Samsung Galaxy S8 plus is better than LG G6. It looks awesome due to bezel-less display.
  2. Design – Bezel-Less display makes it more stylish and premium in looks.
  3. Better UI – The Custom UI give more option and also easy to understand for a beginner.
  4. Processor – Snapdragon 835 is the latest chipset in the market.
  5. Battery – Big battery gives long battery life.
  6. Camera – Camera is the week point but it will be fixed soon with a camera software update.