What happened with Tiger Shroff and why he began to weep?

Tiger Shroff Cry

Tiger Shroff CryWhat happened with Tiger Shroff and why he began to weep?

Tiger Shroff first two films were successful at the box office and now he is going to be seen in the role of a superhero. Tiger’s’ Flying Jat “will be released on August 25th. Although Tiger is one of those celebrities who are often prime targets for people on social media.

During Tiger’s debut film “Heropanti” sometimes on Social media ‘greasy’ and sometimes  adding their names to the Wild Animal people were comment bad. According to Tiger, I can not tell how was crying  when I read comments on social media.

In the beginning such kind of things  I was quite upset. I remember when my first trailer was released, people used to tease me by saying blond-greasy. Even my hair style, dance and would make fun of my name.

when I entered the film industry I thought I also got respect and dignity, just like my father but in my case, it was not. During release Heropanti I was quite nervous from the negative comment which I was getting. But everything changed after the film’s success. I was so happy that people liked my film.

I was happy big stars were also my fans.  Still quite something comes on Social media but now I am totally focused on my work and learns from all type of criticism. Now I have understood the difference between hate and criticism.