Sumona Chakravarti video is going viral internet

sumonaSumona Chakravarti video is going viral internet

Kapil Sharma’s  on-screen wife Sumona Chakravarti video is going viral on the internet as recently she seen smoking a cigarette on the set of a The Kapil Sharma show. The video was viral on social media quite.  In the video, Sumona Chakravarti is seen smoking cigarettes.

Let me tell you that the recent Marathi film ‘Sarat’ team  was in the Kapil’s  show. On that show,  Sumona wore exactly the same sari, as they seem to wear in the video. This video can only be during the show. Kapil also seems to be talking to the Sumona .

Recently the  reports came to Sumona are leaving the show . However, Sumona told such baseless reports. She said that I was not leaving the show. I’m enjoying my job  further work will keep doing it.

This can be gauged by looking at the video that has been created during the breaks between shooting Sumona While talking with supporting staff and smoking cigarette.


In this video, you can see Sumona Chakravarti  smoking Cigarette