Scientists created the world’s most beautiful women face

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Scientists created the world’s most beautiful women face

The world’s most beautiful woman’s face would look like ..? What are the standards of the most beautiful ..? Such questions come to mind when we often search for answers in just fantasies. But not anymore. London scientists claim that they have created the world’s most beautiful woman’s face.

A scientist has created a face by computerized Scientific facial mapping tests. This face is substantially similar to Hollywood actress Amber Heard. Scientists have created the standard for this variety. These standards are derived from the beauty of the Greek golden ratio. Harley Street surgeon Dr. Julian de Silva explains: “The research I have done based on golden ratio. Amber Heard has the highest 91.85% of the eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, jaw, face size is close to the golden ratio. Addition Kim Krdershian 91.39%, Kat Moss 91.06%, Emily Ratajoski 90.8%, 90.18% of Kendal Jenner.  Before announced the results the world’s most beautiful heroine and model Face based on the ratio.

For it has built 12 such standards. Through this technology, any woman can test her face.” Before this from the computer mapping technology surgeon made the most beautiful face and give an individual number.  Top 5 celebrity faces have selected. While much famous celebrity could not come in the list.

Perfect Woman Face “nose from Amber’s , Eyebrow-Kim Kardashian, eyes- Scarlett Johansson , lips -Emily and forehead  get from  Kat Moss. After seeing this picture people said  this woman’s face looks very familiar. Some said it is Angela Jolie and Meghan Fox Face Mix.

Indeed, the ancient Greek sages believe that their “golden ratio” best standards of physical perfection. It is present in their nature.