Salman once again kept hand of Katrina!


Salman once again kept hand of Katrina!

Salman once again kept the hand of Katrina!

Congress leader Baba Siddiqui Iftar party hosted by popular Bollywood and small screen stars appeared. Salman Khan and his family arrived here. Before the party was being said that Salman with his alleged girlfriend Yulia Ventur will include, but it was nothing of the sort. The ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif Salman had reached. They see a lot of each other, appeared to dissolve. There is a picture of Salman and Katrina will be amazed at all.

According to the  website  in front of everyone in the party Salman has joined Katrina. There was a slight smile on the faces of both. Now say or not say but by looking this picture you can say about Salman. There is still love in their hearts for Katrina. Salman alway keeps settling Katrina personal or professional life.

According to reports, after the breakup with Ranbir Kapoor, Salman was advised to Katrina look at her career. Some time ago also came news that Salman spoke to Anil Kapoor to take the Katrina “Weare The Weddings. but Katrina did not stand their expectation.