Salman Khan confessed he will marry 18 November

Salman on Sania book launchSalman Khan confessed he will marry 18 November

Salman Khan recently ‘ arrived at Sania book launch ‘Ace Against Odds’. While at Salman present Salman also consists where there is a talk of their marriage. Well, this year discussion of Salman wedding is fast with Lulia Vantur.

Recently when asked from Salman will he marry on November 18. As a reminder, on November 18, his parents and sister Arpita also got married. Salman said, “I do not know yet, let’s see. Well, these November 18 are running from some 20 to 25 November. I do not know what my wedding would be in November, But definitely, will. ”

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Replying there Sania Mirza said, “Never mind. Most women do not complain about the fact that you are not get marrying. On this, Salman said, “I know some women you don’t know how much pressure is on me to marry. I mean some women is from my mother and sisters. ”

When we talk about Salman movies of  Sultan it is breaking several box office records and it still retains its dominance soon have to cross Rs 250 crore mark.