Court Ordered to Johnny Depp 100 Step Away from his Wife


The Court ordered to Johnny Depp 100 step away from his wife

Pirates of the Caribbean “movie star Johnny Depp’s wife Amber Heard has the Divorce app file. In February last yea, the two were married. Amber arrived in court on Friday because of the black mark on the face of beatings views clear. Amber also showed the court the scars that the 52-year-old Depp often beat them. Court ordered to Johnny Depp 100 step away from his wife.Johnny Depp's wife

Amber said the … Amber also submitted photographs in front of the court. Scars resulting from beating them on their faces can be seen.Heard claims that Depp was fiercely beat him last Saturday. Then came his facial scars.
Amber said Depp want to harm them. Before the court after taking an oath, to tell the truth, he said, “During our entire relationship Johnny physically tortured me and made Warbler. They do drugs and alcohol intoxication.

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Hurd, who showed the paper claims that the relationship between her husband Johnny Depp would often verbally and physically abused. On the 21st of this month, referring to the model of a phenomenon, “said at night she was talking with two friends. Her friend was talking about her mother, at that moment he reached there and broke things

Depp smashed his cell phone on the amber face. Because of which Cheeks and eyes were swollen due to injury. Then their anger was not cool then grabbed by the hair and began to draw the abuses.