Noor Movie Review: Storyline, Box Office Collection, Celebs Tweets & Trailer

Noor Movie Review, Noor 1st Day Box Office Collection
Noor Movie Review, Noor 1st Day Box Office Collection

Noor Movie Review & Storyline

Noor is the story of 28-year-old Mumbai girl, who call herself world’s pointless journalist. Noor wants to do issue based broadcast journalism. She wants to talk about the real problems of real people instead her boss sent her for an interview of sunny leone on her birthday. Noor struggles with her weight, her weight is more than her twitter followers and also she struggling with her dwindling bank balance and most important she struggles with the lack of a hot man in her life. She classifies them as an urban legend somehow she notices her best friend sad who’s played by Karan gill. Yes, the comic Karan Gill, who routinely asked by the journalist is there any advantage of being cute and funny.

Noor the film, not the character, Feels like the love child of Bridget jones and Madhur Bhandarkar’s page 3. The film works as long but it fine as soon as Noor find asli problem and attempt to expose it. Noor also falls into the sub-category, it’s a story of affluent people struggling with existence issues and matters of the heart. Think of the movie is created by Chopra’s, Akhtar’s and Karan Johar. The film is based on the novel by Saba Imtiaz Karachi You’re Killing Me!. The one of the best thing about the film in which way director Sunil Shippi capture the city it looks very beautiful and Sonakshi Sinha is also utterly lovely especially in the first half when Noor is wine judgmental title. A girl who feel so sorry for herself because she eats a big slice of birthday cake alone in bed.

Sonakshi performance feels effortless and holy relatable. Watch out also for Smrita Tambe who adds tremendous heft Noor housemaid Malti. Karan Gill is awkward in dramatic sciences but he nailed the fun moments. The first half of the movie is breezy and buoyant with some sparkling dialogue by Ishita Motwani. But the film derails as the soon as the story takes the serious turn, The fun easy vibe gives way to a labored crisis which leads to glib resolutions. The energy deflates and the writing becomes more and feeble ending ultimately with the every journalist fantasy. Independence irrelevance and a nice sized office. I wish Noor has stayed superficial there’s a lovely scene with her and thought of the end credits rolls.

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